Druzzil Edit

"Druzzil" was the name of a monk born in 2217 Age of Sin, at some point he learned how to transfer his soul, power and mind into the body of a new-born. Over the course of 2229 years, he traveled the world and learned the secrets of spirituality and the great cosmic unknowns.

In 0 Age of Renewal he used all that he learned to attempt to ascend to the Celestial Throne and become a god. He succeeded in this act and did a number of gargantuan acts that completely changed Tyres forever.

Sometime by 300 AOR he almost completely lost humanity.

King Shimmering Eyes Edit

King Shimmering Eyes (birth name forgotten) was the king of Nojoi Island and Beyond Blizzard the last strongholds of the Goblins. He was a master hunter and forager and kept his tribe; and other tribes alive during the Great Storms. He also aided in normalizing the relationships between followers of Duwalism and Isolation cult.

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