Us Goblins actually have a rich history...if Humans just asked..
King Shimmering Eyes
"We forgot our own word for ourselfs, but I'm sure its much more proud than..."Green Devil"!
Scholar Snow Eyes

Overview Edit

Goblins, also known as "Green devils", "Demonic Midgets" and "Bipedal Pest" are a race originating in North-Goffa. Their origin is a mystery but "Duwalism" states that the "Under-gods" were jealous of the "Upper-gods" most prized creation, the "Humans" and so they tried to create their own version, and thus Goblins were created. It is unsure when, but at some point the folktale was altered to include "but the Under-gods rushed their creation, and thus they were only half as pristine..".

Biology Edit

Goblins are similar to Humans in several ways, at first glance you can tell that their biological plan is almost identical to humans. This led to different cultures of Humans coming up with their own myths of how Goblins came to be, anything from ancient Humans who were cursed by the gods (or God), or naughty children disobeying their parents.

None of the less, the differences between Goblin biology and Human biology is almost as easy to spot. They have much more unique skin colors, ranging from dark brown, to green to a light blue. Their ears are much longer and pointier and their eyes are slanted towards their nose.

Under the skin, Goblins organ make up is slightly different than Humans, and they have a few unique organs. It be tedious to name them all..

Habitat Edit

Historically, Goblins lived all through Central and North Goffic lands. They mostly lived among the Durmatch coast linesand in the Tyressian Forest, but due to the "Unpure Eradication" act and preceding wars, Goblins were forced to settle the barren and lifeless Nojoi Island. Small Goblin settlements still dot Goffa (as of 300 AOR) but are steadily being forced to leave.

Languages Edit

Goblins used to speak several related and non-related languages, however due to an undocumented past, only a few of these languages were ever recorded. The most well documented languages include Duwi and Kinyut, but other languages included Savage Speak, Gobbish Barks and Primitive Yip-Yap, needless to say the final three aren't the native names for said languages.

Since 0 AOR, Goblin languages were on a steep decline due to the "Unpure Eradication" act led by Druzzil priest. Due to this horrible event, most the surviving Goblins speak a dialect of Goffic-Basic and a small few speak Old Durmatch.

Religions Edit

The main Goblin faith is known as Duwalism. It involves the worship of two kingdom of gods, the Kings of the Cloud-piercing Mountains and the monster lords of the hellish underground, also known as the Upper and Lower gods respectively.

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